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This smart fitness tracker changed my mom’s life.
Wed Oct 27 2021 09:00:25 GMT+0700 (Indochina Time)
By Brendan S.
I love my mom and I don’t know what I would do without her.
That’s why I was so concerned this time last year when I walked in the living room and overheard her on the phone with her doctor.
“I know changing your habits can be difficult, Nancy, but you’ve got to do it,” he explained in a stern voice. 
My mom’s a diabetic. On top of that, she has a history of back issues and fears if she over-exerts herself, she’ll further aggravate it. Lately, though, her high blood sugar was out of control and clearly concerned her doctor. 
“You have to get more active. Fitness trackers can be helpful when combined with a clear goal to shoot for,” he explained. “You should look into them.”
I was afraid Mom may not heed his advice. For one, she’s not very tech-savvy. Sometimes she gets overwhelmed just using her phone. She needed something that’s easy to use; most smartwatches I’d seen looked too complicated for her. On top of that, she hates spending a lot on herself, which takes those big brand devices out of the running. 
So, when Mother’s Day rolled around, instead of the slow cooker I originally planned to buy her, I got her a Kore 2.0.
Thank goodness I did!
Get Encouraged and Empowered With Kore 2.0 
These days, Mom always has her her Kore 2.0. She set it to read her blood oxygen level and heart rate 2x/day and, using the smartphone app, gets a daily graph of her historical health data so she can track her progress.
When she takes walks outside or on the treadmill, Kore 2.0 and its apps record her steps, miles, and calories burned. There are lots of other helpful performance metrics available so she knows exactly what she’s getting out of each workout.
She even told me she’s sleeping more soundly thanks to the data the sleep tracker application sends to her.
Her favorite part? Its ease-of-use. Thanks to the one-button navigation, speedy charging, and super easy connection to Apple and Android phones, none of it is overwhelming.
She bought in entirely. Kore 2.0 was the missing piece.
Nicole R.
“I’ve really enjoyed using this smartwatch/fitness tracker. It's helped encourage me to be more active and I like that it tracks my sleep and gives more health readings than most other fitness trackers.”
Since She Started Using Kore 2.0, My Mom Is a New Woman
Mom’s experience with Kore 2.0 has been incredible to watch. 
It’s rooted in the data. Having it available on her wrist has her feeling empowered! 
Not only is taking better care of herself more on track, but she keeps me on track, too! I love seeing Mom’s name pop up on my phone, but ever since she got Kore 2.0, her texts mostly consist of funny gifs or humblebrags about surpassing my step count for the second day in a row!
Who knew Kore 2.0 made you so competitive?!
Most importantly, though, it’s amazing to see her making changes towards a healthier, more active life.
She brings all the information she gathers on her Kore 2.0 and uses it as a tool to show the doctor her progress during checkups.
“I’m really proud of you, Nancy,” he said at her last appointment.
I’m proud of her, too. 
This Is The Kind Of Deal You’ll Write Home To Mom About!
Come to mama! This Mother’s Day, the already ultra-affordable Kore 2.0 is available at a discounted price to everyone! Head on over to the Kore 2.0 website NOW and get your mom a gift she needs with this Kore 2.0 smart fitness tracker.
Order a Kore 2.0 today and save 50% OFF your purchase while supplies last!
Order a Kore 2.0 today and save 50% OFF your purchase while supplies last!
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